Our Promise to You!

At OJAI LIMO, our number one goal is to get you to your destination is a comfortable, safe and timely manner.


When using our services you can expect the following:

1) We will arrive on time with a clean well running vehicle.

2) Our uniformed drivers will be courteous and helpful, always getting the door for you and assisting you with you luggage.

3) We will drive you to your destination in an efficient yet safe manner, using the best routes to and from.

4) You will be provided with tissues and chilled bottled water.

5) We will make every effort to accommodate additional stops or hours during a given service, but we cannot guarantee them.



1) Please book with us a soon as you have your travel itinerary to ensure vehicle availability.

2) You will always receive acknowlegement of your booking request within 24 hours or less after submission. Please check all details for accuracy.

3) We will always contact you (via e-mail, phone call or text message)no later than the day before you travel, IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD FROM US THE DAY BEFORE PLEASE CONTACT US.

4) We will arrive at your pick up location within 5 minutes of the promised pick up time. If we are delayed for any reason we will call you.

5) Children under 6 years old or under 60 pounds will be required to have a car seat.  Ojai Limo does not supply car seats.

6) We are commited to your total satisfaction please click HERE to let us know how your most recent trip went.




1) For trips out of LAX or Burbank we recommend that you leave Ojai 3 to 3.5 hours before your scheduled departure time for domestic flights, and 4 to 4.5 hours before an international flight.

2) We will drop you curbside at your departure terminal. Please let us know in advance of any special circumstances: wheelchair service, flying Premium class, traveling with a pet, etc.

3) When you arrive back at the airport from your trip we will be in the limousine/town car standby lot, please call or text us once you are curbside with your bags. Please wait at the passenger pick up island directly across from your terminal.  Let your driver know the number and letter on the pillar you are standing closest to so we can find you (for example 7D). If we do not hear from you within one hour of your arrival we will go into the terminal (with a sign) to locate you.

4) If you requested 'meet-and-greet' service we will meet you by your assigned baggage claim area with a 'Ojai Limousine'  sign with your full name on it.



 If our vehicle breaks down during service:

1) We will pull off safely to the side of the road, call for roadside assistance, and determine approximately how long it will take to get back on the road.

2) If the delay will be longer than 30 minutes, or if you are on your way to the airport to catch a flight, we will arrange for alternate transportation (at no additional cost to you).

3) Should a mechanical breakdown or other circumstances beyond our control cause you to miss a flight or an important meeting, the limit of our liability will be the refund of your fare for the ground transportation we provided.



Concerts, meetings, doctor appointments, etc: If you’re at a concert or a meeting and that goes later than the original pick up time, you may be subjected to a standby fee of $80/hr for the extra hours. Delayed flights: Because flights can sometimes be late, we employ the following system when doing airport pick ups:

1) We will call the airline before leaving Ojai to confirm arrival time, if on time or slightly late we will proceed to the airport. However if a flight is so late that it will interfere with our next assignment, we will help you find alternate transportation. (We typically leave a two hour cushion between assignments to account for late arriving flights.)

2) If we are able to wait for your flight, standby fees will apply as follows: No charge for the first hour, $80 hourly fee for each subsequent hour until the flight arrives. If we have to move on to our next assignment, you will be responsible for the original fare, but not the standby fees.


Thank you and have a wonderful trip! 


Jon Gordon, CEO

Ojai Limousine Service, LLC

A fully licenced (TCP 20115-P) and insured transportation service!

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